Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 2

Adina drops me off again today since she didn't have to be at Chez Jansson until 11. Uncle was grateful that we got a hold of him to call him off. I'm grateful to him that he would come up to our house to bring me to MSKCC! Arrive at MSKCC, find out that massage at chiropractor isn't advisable, so we'll hold off on that for a few months! Got to set up lineups for softball today and then just sit tight. Hoping that I don't get sick again later. I want to be feeling good on Wednesdays so I can call more Sky Blue FC games while I'm doing Chemo!!! And yes, I'm not letting Chemo stop me from being on the mic! I will be at the field for those games!

2 pm arrives and that means my parents will soon be here to pick me up and bring me home. Feeling a bit tired from being reclined all day. Or maybe the chemo. Dad comes in and we're already ready to go. Out to the car where mom and my dog Alfie await (my sister, Kim, named the dog, but he gravitates to me anytime I'm around...so he's my dog)! Nice conversation back home. Both mom and dad want to help with the yardwork! Woohoo! Adina should be very happy!

Which I must say my relationship with my parents has gotten much better since D and I moved up here! The first time my parents came to our new home, I could see the pride in my mother's eyes. It was one of the best feelings I ever had to that point in my life, and it shows I can judge someones feelings and character spot on...because since then, she has been nothing than the best in our relationship. My dad has been awesome, too! I can't imagine how much it hurts them to see their son having to go through chemo.

Started feeling tired around 5:30 today...nothing major, just a bit fatigued. Stomach is fine (so far), no headaches, no other issues...just a bit tired. Parents went to town on the yard...good stuff there!

So I made pancakes for everyone (and yes, they were as good as always). I ate without having stomach issues (thank God), and Robb stopped by to play video games for a while. Good end to the night!

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  1. The yard is amazing BIG THANKS to the in-laws. Thanks for the pancakes, they were yummy. I hope that you don't start to loose your energy or your lunch as more of the poison enters your body. Love you!