Thursday, July 29, 2010

I love progress!

Stomach wasn't too happy with me overnight...should have stayed away from the french fries at the ballpark! Too oily to try fried food yet! Otherwise, all is going real well! Went in for my checkup and all tests went well. And Dr. Xiao has come up with a game plan for combating the constipation and nausea issues going forward to the next round of chemo treatments.

So on the way back, I did a little food shopping. A necessary trip because Adina and I HAVE to start eating healthier. We keep talking about it, but as most people do we fall back into that rut of bad habits. So lots of good foods...fruits and veggies, I'm actually a big fan of whole grain bread, some watermelon may be knocked down by me later...heck, I MIGHT even try a piece of kiwi at some point!

Which brings me to my weight! For those that may not have known, at this time last year I weighed 240 lbs! That's not a typo! 240!!! But then, between coaching the girls at Pingry, coaching the girls with the Wings, and playing on the Nighthawks, I was getting a TON of ice time. And my body responded. By seasons end, I had shed 30 pounds down to 210. Gradually, those bad eating habits got me back up to 220, but now with chemo I'm down again to 210.

I say this because either today or tomorrow I'm going to go to Paramus and finally load up my stationary bike from there. I plan on keeping myself in some kind of shape so that when I've been told that my cancer is in remission (or gone altogether), I can at least be somewhat ready to play hockey!

So for the rest of the day...I'm gonna get the dishes done, try to tidy up some other things, and then maybe get to Paramus before I head off to meet up with some of my teammates tonight in their summer league game.

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