Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 5

It's my mother-in-law's turn today to take me to MSKCC. Last day of treatment for this week. My hair has grown back at a pretty rapid rate! May have to go back down to a 1 again soon! I still get the slight nausea and heartburn from time to time, but nothing major. That and of course the fatigue that comes with chemo. But by and large I can't complain about how the first week has gone! Looking forward to see how my body reacts to 2 weeks of no treatment! But...the day is still young!

Come to find out that the co-ed softball team I was playing for lost their opening playoff game last night. From what I can tell, we're not hitting in the clutch. Grrrrr! I'll have to look at the scoresheet when I get to MSKCC and see what went wrong. My initial thought is people were trying too hard to make things happen again...or "superhero mentality" as I like to call it. But that's just a first thought. The scoresheet will tell me more.

No blogs from MSKCC because I decided to lay low and nap for a while. Been feeling tired a good portion of the day. D wants me to drink the Innergize energy drink she bought for us, but it's making me a bit queasy today. Had some, but didn't finish my glass (yet). Had chicken noodle soup, so it's good that I'm holding stuff down!

Now all that said, I am really hoping that this is the WORST of how I'm going to feel during the treatment...because if this is indeed the worst, then bring it on! My first week of chemo treatment hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought it would be. But by all indications, each time it'll get a bit I'm going to continue to attack this thing head on! I'm sure as hell not going to let testicular cancer dictate how I approach my life or what I want to do with it!

Now...I may have more chicken noodle soup...or some challah (ooh, I love me some egg challah with butter!), maybe I can knock down some more of that Inneergize, or some other relatively bland foods. I'm also going to watch some NFL Network, catch up on e-mails, and do whatever else my body can handle! And maybe come back later to blog some more!

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  1. You are doing GREAT hon. Now it's time to rest up for your next cycle. Before you know it we will be half way done with this!