Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 3

Mom comes with me today, but has her friend Pat here to start. I'm at MSKCC and feeling tired so far today. Gonna kick back a bit and snooze...

So I snoozed most of the day! My nurse woke me up when I was done for the day, and mom brought me back home. Still not overly nauseous, though I'm feeling a bit tired still. Guess this was expected! I'm not feeling strong enough to go to the chiropractor, so I'll cancel that and lay on the couch for a while. Got some sports stuff to watch, and hopefully I can do a BLSP (that's Bret Leuthner Sports Program on for those that don't know) sometimes around 8 pm tonight!

But it's 5 pm and I'm still tired...maybe more napping is in store! Before I go, I find out my buddy Ron says he joined the shaved head club! Should be interesting to see pics of that! Ok, I'm tired...D is making me chicken noodle soup and then I'll lay down for an hour or so.

And now it's 11:40 what a nap! Must be the chemp fighting the cells in my body! Needless to say, no BLSP today. But I'm feeling good and confident that I can do a SBFC game should that scheduling issue arise. Adina agrees! Finish the night off by forwarding this to more friends, and now it's time for bed. More tomorrow!

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