Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 6

Well, it's the first day I don't have to go in for chemo...I get 2 weeks off from any IVs, so that's a welcome sight! I still obviously feel tired, as the drugs haven't quite left my body! I'm also feeling a bit queasy as I woke up this morning, so we'll keep an eye out on that. Otherwise, I'm just hoping that my energy level can pick up as time goes on.

Supposed to have some people over today. Ken is stopping by I think to help Adina bring some bagged leaves to the recycle center. Then later on, it's the Strat crew (Robb, Hamad, Sean...and CJ coming to chill with Adina) for some shenanigans.

And D has just walked in the door from her accupuncture we're gonna have some breakfast!

Breakfast was egg challah with butter (damn that stuff tastes good). Now D is back snoozing and I'm on the couch watching ESPN. I still feel tired (again, expected), just wonder how long this will stick around with me. I'll probably take a nap later on before guests swing by later on.

Forget nap time! Before my buddy Ken comes by, Adina wanted to clean out the garage of all the garbage that's in there (including actual garbage, since we don't have bear cans). GROSS! I had to step in to do some serious damage control!!! not how I envisioned spending a Saturday recovering from chemo treatments! But hey...this is what happens when we forget about these small things b/c of the crazy schedule! I pitched in as much as I could before my body started to tell me it wasn't up for it!

Damn Adina knocked that garage out! Ken helped out big time taking bagged leaves as well! Now D can get her car in there again! Had a bologna sandwich, which did go down rather nicely. No backtalk from my stomach yet, which obviously is a good sign! Sean and CJ bringing some hot dogs and salad over in a little bit, and we'll see how that goes! So far, things looking good!

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  1. Thanks for helping me with the yuckies this really helped me get that garage clean.