Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 4

Waking up to a bug in Adina's bathroom isn't exactly the way I wanted to START day 4...but c'est la vie! Almost 7 am, and Dad will be here in 2 hours to take me back to MSKCC for another day of chemo. I don't feel so bad this morning (so far), so I may even take the wheel for the drive! And I think today I'll post early and update as I go along...keeping things fresh as I go along!

And poor Adina...she hasn't slept well at all this whole week. Between worrying about me, worrying about her Mary Kay business, watching Luc (that's our adorable Godson who keeps asking "Ann DiDi" for "Unka Bet"), worrying about how the house looks, worrying about her body temperature...poor girl has been all frazzled! But I've already told her that unless I REALLY need her around, I'll be fine. So far, chemo hasn't bothered me nearly as much as I thought it would have! But then again, we're living things day by day...or at least trying to!

Now at MSKCC...had a little delay, but things are normal. Dad sitting here with me reading a book, and I'm just chilling inthe chair. All my vitals are spot on again, so that's definitely good!

1 pm and the drugs are going in. Starting to feel a bit tired, so I think I'll just close my eyes for a back later!'s 5 pm and I'm feeling ok. A bit on the groggy side, but ok. Actually drove myself back home today (Dad just a passenger). So far, the first week has gone rather smoothly. Had that little stomach issue on day 1 thanks to not eating bland foods, but outside of that I'm feeling ok. I could easily broadcast a game if there was one to broadcast. Hamad talking about playing some Strat-O-Matic baseball...I'll see if I can get Robb over (since Sean will be here on Saturday) and we'll do up a bunch of games!

9:30 pm and I'm watching the 1988 Stanley Cup Finals Game 4! Good times! Oh I remember those days! Adina home, mother-in-law on the way, and I'll probably go back to bed a bit later.


  1. In my defense I did try to drown the bug, but he flew away LOL

  2. Adina, if you tossed it in the bowl, your mistake was in not topping it with a square of paper...then they can't fly off. Took me three escaped stink bugs before I figured this out!

    Linus, I've been thinking of you daily! You know Chris and I live close to MSKCC - please call if your usual bedside companions need a break...we'd be happy to come up and sit with you for a bit.